The Platform

In basic terms, the ‘platform’ is the software on our cloud based server that gives the phones their features, much like an office based pbx does, the difference being the substantially reduced cost and myriad of features that are available as standard that would be extremely expensive on a pbx.

We are dedicated to providing an excellent and reliable service to our customers.

There are two areas of potential failure on the side of the provider;Business Phone Systems


(i)      the hardware that provides the service; and

(ii)     the data centre that houses the hardware.

To minimise any potential failure from (i) the service is fully clustered and with RAID to cater for any potential hardware failures.

To minimise any potential failure from (ii) the hardware that provides the Voice service is housed in a state of the art data suite in Telehouse, Docklands, London.

Telehouse has fully redundant systems to prevent service outages.

Our aim is  to provide 100% service uptime, to ensure this is met, wherever possible we have implemented resiliency measures and/or redundancy, resiliency and redundancy is employed in, but not limited to:

(i)     Power and Network Connectivity

(ii)    Routing: the platform has diverse routing (multiple physical connections to carriers).

We can make no guarantee on the reliability or resilience of products (whether hardware or data) supplied by third parties.



As part of providing a reliable service, we have a 24/7 Support phone systems support

Included with all provisioned Voice Services is a guarantee of access to 24/7 Support, available via both email and phone for the duration of the services being provided.

Our expert team will assist in any fault finding necessary for the successful provision of service, this includes:

(i)     receiving, logging, and dealing with enquiries related to faults;

(ii)    investigation, diagnosis and repair of faults; and

(iii)   co-ordination of fault repair

Where third party hardware or software is found to be the cause of a fault, our team will work to   resolve the fault as quickly as possible, but may not be able to resolve the fault. Where we supply the hardware, we have historically been able to improve faults faster. We are not liable for loss of service as a result of third party hardware on customer premises.

Due to the range of faults that may occur on a customer site, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a specific period of time by which all faults will be resolved. However, we will always endeavour to resolve any fault as quickly as possible.

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