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The quality of a telephone call over the internet is totally dependant on the speed of the broadband, here at Hosted Phones Ltd, we only only use high bandwidth broadband services, installed by the UK’s leading providers, giving back up unparallelled in the industry.

We also advocate that your voice broadband is kept separate from your data broadband in order to maximise call quality.

Quality and reliability are the two darkest spots on VoIP‘s reputation so far. Gone are the days now that using VoIPcompares to talking to a friend on a walkie-talkie! Although there has been much improvement, people still have this mis-conception that the call quality will be lacking, certainly in comparison with your ‘normal everyday calls’ and their quality. The main thing that affects the quality of you VoIP call is your broadband / internet connection and your bandwith.


Your internet connection always tops the list of factors affecting the voice quality of VoIP conversations. The bandwidth you have for VoIP is the key for voice quality. For instance, if you have a dial-up connection, don’t expect great quality.

broadband connection will work right, as long as it is not spotty and not shared with too many other communication applications. Bandwidth dependancy is besides one of the main drawbacks of VoIP.

We have many broadband options and packages available, please feel free to contact us for more information or to request a list of our prices and broadband specifications / features. Hosted Phones Ltd can be reached by phoning the office or by emailing us

How do I calculate if my broadband is up to the task?

For the number of ‘concurrent’ calls, 0.1mbps of upload speed bandwidth would equate to 1 x call.

Each call uses 0.75/MB of data per minute.

If the monthly usage is unlimited, there are no issues, if the monthly usage is 100GB, this equates to 68,500 minutes of calls per month (1142 hours!)

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